Thursday, June 28, 2012


Members of CBIG’s board were delighted to speak at the NYPL’s Children’s Literary Salon, hosted by Betsy Bird earlier this month. This program is for adults interested in children’s literature. Maria Madonna Davidoff (our postcard designer), H. Ruth Karpes (one of our hostesses for our seminars), Diana Ting Delosh (communications officer/blogzine manager), Vicky Rubin (webmaster/listserve manager), and myself, Donna Miskend (president/exhibition curator) were on the panel. A few of our members came by to cheer us on! 
To give an idea of who we are as a Group I showed a brief visual presentation that included artwork from past and upcoming exhibits, general illustrations and examples of published books and other products by our members. This was followed by a discussion about the history of CBIG, how we have evolved and our future plans for the group. There were questions about the children’s book industry, being an illustrator in today's market and how the Group supports our members’ careers. As an added bonus, the group was listed in the NYPL’s program brochure for May-August, and they chose Vicky’s artwork to feature. The brochure is available at all NYPL branches. 

It was a wonderful afternoon and gave us a chance to highlight the talented artists that make up CBIG.