Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mother Goose Re-Imagined
Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Public Library 
101 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830
Thank you to the Flinn Gallery for hosting us December 5 - January. 16, 2013
exhibiting ARTISTS: Angelique Anderson, Deborah Cuneo, Diana Ting Delosh, Laura Goetz, Leeza Hernandez, Mike Herrod, Sara Kahn, H. R. Karpes, Anna Kim, Ann Koffsky, Sarah Lisa Lavoie, Kitty Leech, Donna Miskend, Sawaka Norii, Marilyn Papas, Clare Pernice, Barbara Mason Rast, Roberta M. Rivera, Vicky Rubin, Tatyanna Starikova, Cheryl Taborsky, T.T. Tyler, Wallace West, Brian Yanish
At the artist reception Dec. 6th
Left to Right: Clare Pernice, Wallace West, Donna Miskend (f), Deborah Cuneo (b), Lisa Lavoie (b), Diana Ting Delosh (f), Roberta Rivera, Kitty Leech (b), T.T. Tyler, Angelique Anderson (b), Vicky Rubin (f), Barbara Mason Rast (b) Marilyn Papas, Leeza Hernandez, Laura Goetz, H. R. Karpes
Here are more photos from the reception.      
Photos courtesy of Elaine Ubiña, unless otherwise noted. 
Left to right: Jamee Becker, Linda Butler, Martha Deegan, gallery curators,
artwork © Donna Miskend 2012, CBIG curator

Vicky Rubin, Diana Ting Delosh, artwork
© Tatyana Starikova2012

Dave Menendez, Lisa Lavoie, artwork © Lisa Lavoie2012

T.T. Tyler, Roberta Rivera, artwork © Roberta Rivera2012
Barbara Mason Rast, Angelique Anderson,
artwork© Vicky Rubin2012 
Thanks too to Kitty for contributing photos, some here some further below. And from a crappy point and shoot camera, but you get the idea! Prints for sale.

Kitty Leech, Deborah Cuneo (b)
Diana Ting Delosh, Laura Goetz

Thanks Tracy! artwork on wall ©Laura Goetz2012, prints:©Vicky RubinAngelique Anderson, Clare Pernice 

artwork L © Ann Koffsky2012
Guests enjoying the art and refreshments.

artwork©Kitty Leech2012 

artwork hanging left ©Mike Herrod2012

 artwork ©Barbara Mason Rast2012,  ©Mike Herrod2012 
Okay, how cool is this electronic sign?  
There was a reading area for kids with Mother Goose books on the table. 
 Thanks to Marilyn for contributing photos:
Marilyn Papas, artwork ©Marilyn Papas2012 
T.T. Tyler, artwork ©T.T. Tyler2012 

Deborah Cuneo foreground, Angelique Anderson, 
and Diana Ting Delosh back R, artwork L © Sara Kahn2012
Diana Ting Delosh, Roberta Rivera, Donna Miskend,artwork©Brian Yanish, T.T.Tyler

artwork L © Sara Kahn2012
 Thanks to Brock Pernice for contributing photos:
Clare Pernice, ©Clare Pernice2012

Front: curators: Linda Butler and Donna Miskend
Back artists: Clare Pernice, Wallace West 

Additional Programming:   

artwork top L to R:©Donna Miskend2012, ©Roberta Rivera2012,©Mike Herrod2012,
bottom L to R:©Cheryl Taborsky2012, ©Deborah Cuneo2012

Panel discussion moderated by Donna Miskend, with Roberta Rivera, Clare Pernice, Lisa Lavoie, Marilyn Papas, H.R. Karpes. 

Lisa Laoie, Marilyn Papas, Clare Pernice, Roberta Rivera, H. R. Karpes, Donna Miskend
artwork hanging L to R: ©Cheryl Taborsky2012, ©R .H. Karpes2012,  ©Deborah Cuneo2012 
Thank you to Dave Menendez for filming. The video will be available in a separate post coming soon.
Participants -
Lisa Lavoie click WEB site                  Marilyn Papas click WEB site
Clare Pernice click WEB site            Roberta Rivera click WEB site
H. R. Karpes  click WEB site             Donna Miskend click WEB site

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After the panel discussion, Roberta Rivera offers a demonstration of her illustration process.
artwork hanging L to R: ©T.T. Tyler2012, ©Cheryl Taborsky2012,
©H. R. Karpes2012, ©Deborah Cuneo 
Artwork hanging ©Deborah Cuneo2012

©Roberta Rivera2012

Thank you Flinn Gallery and Greenwich Public Library

Children from the Greenwich Head Start Program created their own interpretation of a Mother Goose Story, The Three Little Kittens
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correct: attributions- Marilyn Papas first image, Donna Miskend bottom right

Links and corrections: - Exhibit title, Mother Goose Re-Imagined°©‐flinn-°©‐art-°©‐gallery-°©‐opening-°©‐
for-°©‐mother-°©‐goose-°©‐re-°©‐imagined - 24 artists represented°©‐revisit-°©‐classic-°©‐childhood-°©‐nursery-°©‐
rhymes-°©‐4157428.php?cmpid=emailarticle&cmpid=emailarticle - approx. 1/3 of the group participated, Miskend CBIG exhibit curator

A catalogue of the work will be posted on our web site A link will appear HERE please check back. Next posts will be the video of the panel discussion, a further recap from the Dickens exhibit followed by more from other 2012 events. Look out for 2013 news as well.