Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Members of CBIG took part in the Draftman's Congress, an event at the New Museum in association with an exhibit by the artist Pawel Althamer. He first created this event at the Berlin Biennale in 2012. More are planned for Europe and Asia. Artist groups from different disciplines, painters, engineers, designers, cartoonists, etc. were invited to paint and draw. The public was also invited to join in for a huge art collaboration. Think of it like art as dance.  Ephemeral and the experience for both the artists and public as the act of creation. Participating members of CBIG:

©Angelique Anderson
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©Amalia Hoffman

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"Participating in this event was a freeing experience. I felt like a kid, drawing with a piece of chalk, discovering colors, textures".

©Lisa Cinelli

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"The spontaneity, excitement, energy, and camaraderie making art together on the fourth floor of the New Museum created one of the most fun filled art making experiences I could ever imagine. Pawel was making art on the walls alongside the rest of the public".
©Diane Allison

Diane Allison
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"So how often do you get to DO the artwork in a major NYC art museum?  Huh?  Was this fun or what?  And working beside your colleagues, making delightful images beside, beneath and -oops there goes Nancy reaching above me, pasting her cut-out leapord in the hand of my tree-man!  It brought out the wall-scribbling 3year-olds in all of us -- and the glee".

©Yuko Katakawa

Yuko Katakawa
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©Donna Miskend
Donna Miskend
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"Walking into the space we were surrounded by art. Wow, what a great idea! It was so much fun to draw together."

©Marilyn Papas
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Nancy Doniger
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©Nancy Doniger

©Kitty Leech

Kitty Leech
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"It was so much fun to get directly into the fray of artmaking, to all be drawing together and to have people walk by and comment while you were still working. It was an exhilarating afternoon!"

©Madonna Davidoff
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Thanks to the members for contributing the photos! 
Preparations - we get our own paper to work on  

CBIG artists begin

Can you spot Nancy's collage pieces? 

The walls, chairs and floor were covered with art!

Thank you to Pawel Althamer and the New Museum hosting such a wonderful event!

(top row) Nancy Doniger (front: L to R) Kitty Leech, Diane Allison, Angelique Anderson, Marilyn Papas,
Lisa Cinelli, Amalia Hoffman, Donna Miskend, Madonna Davidoff, Yuko Katakawa