Wednesday, July 9, 2014


artwork: Lisa Cinelli, Clare Pernice
Fun at the ABFFE childrens book art auction at the Javitz Center in May

Marilyn Papas
Wallace West
Stephanie Ruble and Lisa Cinelli; artwork Lisa
Marilyn Papas, Nancy Doniger, Donna Miskend
CBIG members not only contributed artwork, but also volunteered for this worthy cause in an effort to combat censorship regarding children's books: volunteers T.T. Tyler and Nancy Donniger

Doreen Marts
artwork Patricia Keeler, Patricia and Vicky Rubin
Melissa Iwai
Stephanie Ruble

Jennifer Thermes

Special section for artwork celebrating Dr. Seuss:

Vicky Rubin 
Donna Miskend
Nina Mata

Christine Mix
Dancin' to Footloose tune

Donna Miskend, Clare Pernice, Patricia Keeler
Annina Luck Wildermuth, Vicky Rubin

 For more information, visit the earlier blog post on ABFFE and the art auction details HERE