Friday, November 9, 2012

Dickens Exhibit Revisited - The beginning

Dickens, A Celebration In Pictures exhibit is over, but here's a look at what you may have missed.
Participating CBIG members: Lisa Cinelli, Deborah Cuneo, Diana Ting Delosh, Peggy Dressel, Doris Ettlinger, Laura Goetz, Leeza Hernandez, Mike Herrod, Sara Kahn, H. Ruth Karpes, Lisa Lavoie, Doreen Marts, Donna Miskend, Sawaka Norii, Marilyn Papas, Clare Pernice, Roberta Rivera, Vicky Rubin, Cheryl Taborsky, T. T. Tyler, Wallace West

Entrance to Yonkers Riverfront Library
images left to right: H. Ruth Karpes, Cheryl Taborsky, Diana Ting Delosh,
Doris Ettlinger, Marilyn Papas, Donna Miskend

A display of books by and about Dickens. 

images: Peggy Dressel, banner, Deborah Cuneo, Mike Herrod

Thank you to Susan Thaler, Branch Mgr. for arranging the Dickens book display, and to Susan Kart Yonkers Riverfront Gallery curator for designing the entrance poster and gallery banner!

Also to the Morgan Library & Museum for the portrait
of Dickens giving a performance reading, and for the
facsimile page from Dickens' manuscript of A Christmas Carol.

images: Portrait of Dickens, Donna Miskend 
Emalyn arranged this wonderful display case showing 19thc and early 20thc illustrated editions including 2nd edition copies of Dickens' books on loan from the private collection of Pam Horovich and Sarah Lawrence College.

images: Donna Miskend, Roberta Rivera, H. Ruth Karpes,
Laura Goetz, Dorris Ettlinger, Cheryl Taborsky

Check back for the next installment of photos from this year's exhibit. Coming up: the reception, Dickens Day of Events and special events in association with Sarah Lawrence, The Hudson River Museum, and our exhibit catalogue.

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More photos from the exhibit: Event Day 1Event Day 2
Interviews: With the artists; Fred Kaplan; Mike Quinn (Friends of Dickens); Michael Patrick Hearn stay tuned.