Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dickens Exhibit Revisited - Day of Dickens Oct. 13

Exhibiting Members: 
Lisa Cinelli, Deborah Cuneo, Diana Ting Delosh, Peggy Dressel, Doris Ettlinger, Laura Goetz, Leeza Hernandez, Mike Herrod, Sara Kahn, H. Ruth Karpes, Lisa Lavoie, Doreen Marts, Donna Miskend, Sawaka Norii, Marilyn Papas, Clare Pernice, Roberta Rivera, Vicky Rubin, Cheryl Taborsky, T. T. Tyler, Wallace West

Here's a look at some of the events for our second Day of Dickens
T.T. Tyler reads from a picture book biography of Dickens before the kids set to work coloring images from his life.

T.T. Tyler's reading/craft session

A completed victorian teddy bear in Roberta Rivera's craft session. All ages tried their hand at painting after her demo in her painting workshop.
Roberta Rivera

Another performance reading by Friends of Dickens
James Armstrong, images: Donna Miskend, Dickens' ms from
A Christmas Carol, Sara Kahn  

Mike J. Quinn

James Armstrong gives a talk about Dickens and his illustrators. 
James Armstrong
Donna Miskend interviews Michael Patrick Hearn, children's
literary scholar about Dickens' works, especially A Christmas Carol. His book, The Annotated Christmas Carol  is full of interesting facts and historical details.   
Michael Patrick Hearn and Donna Miskend,
images by Sara Kahn, Diana Ting Delosh, Lisa Lavoie

Read an interview with Mike J. Quinn here
view the catalogue

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