Friday, March 6, 2015

DICKENS Travels, Poe Park Events Wrap-up

We took a selection of work from the original bicentennial show, Dickens, A Celebration In Pictures to Poe Park Visitor Center Gallery. It was a great success. There were tourists from europe, including a college from the U.K., and several elementary school visits. Channel 12 news covered the exhibit too. Here's a look at some of the family events and school visits. Note: all artwork copywrite individual artists.
Clare Pernice, author of Circus Girl, and Donna Miskend, teaching artist, host 2nd graders for Dickens character puppets workshop.
 the puppet on the left sports a beard!
T. T. Tyler reads from a picture book biography of Dickens and helps them with their craft project. 

artwork: Leeza Hernandez and Diana Ting Delosh 
art: Hernandez, DT Delosh, Lisa Cinelli
art: Peggy Dressel
 Touring the exhibit with exhibiting artist T.T. Tyler and Donna Miskend, curator
art: Dickens ms courtesy Morgan Library & Museum, Clare Pernice
art: Donna Miskend

art: Vicky Rubin, Marilyn Papas
Carol Burrell, a.k.a. web comic artist Klio gives a workshop on graphic novel art style and web comics.
 H.S. students learn about Dickens' illustrators with curator Donna Miskend. Some of the students and their teacher draw Scrooge and the Artful Dodger.
copywrite Ray Felix of Bronx Heroes Comic Con
Click here for a transcript included in this exhibit from my conversation for the bicentennial exhibit with Fred Kaplan, biographer, author of Charles Dickens A Biography, and his latest book, Visionary American A Biography of John Quincy Adams. 

A conversation about Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe with Michael Patrick Hearn, children's literary historian and author of the Annotated Christmas Carol and forthcoming Annotated Edgar Allan Poe.

artwork: Sara Kahn

Klio, Donna Miskend, Lucy Aponte, Michael Patrick Hearn

An audience of kids enjoyed a talk with artists: Peggy Dressel, Clare Pernice, Roberta Rivera, guest Carol Burrell (aka Klio) and curator/artist Donna Miskend. Peggy mentioned using her nephew as a model and photographing him from above for her painting of Oliver asking for more food. Clare spoke about how she arranges her colors for inspiration, blues together, etc. Roberta said never give up your dream if you want to be an artist. Klio showed her travel water chamber paintbrush and sketchbook and said draw, draw, draw! Donna mentioned that although she painted Marley's ghost, she likes to paint animals and nature. One of the children said he likes to draw dogs and showed the artists his drawing of a dog he drew and the beginning of a story to go with it. Clearly we had a future picture book author/illustrator in the audience. We talked about illustrating Dickens' work, and about being an artist. A great end to a wonderful exhibit. Thank you to Poe Park Visitor Center for hosting us. 

CBIG artists return to Poe Park Visitor Center Gallery along with other artists for Master Storytellers, classic authors' literary work depicted in illustrations for children and teens. Hans Christian Anderson, Edgar Allan Poe and more, curated by Donna Miskend. On view April 1 through May 30, 2015. Check back here for more details soon.