Wednesday, April 1, 2015


 Children's book illustrators exhibit. MASTER STORYTELLERS, classic tales by Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Mother Goose, Aesop and more inspire contemporary illustrations for children, picture book age through YA. On view April 1 - May 30, 2015.

EXTENDED THROUGH JUNE 27 due to popular demand
Participating CBIG Members: Melissa Iwai, Lisa Cinelli, Angelique Anderson, Roberta Rivera, Donna Miskend, Clare Pernice,Yuko Katakawa, Nancy Doniger, Christine Mix, Kitty Leech, Delphine Henault, Robin Meeks, Vicky Rubin, Cheryl Taborsky
2640 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10458

Schedule of events: 
Saturday April 11
12pm - Artist panel includes CBIG members Nancy Doniger and curator, Donna Miskend

1pm - A conversation with guest Michael Patrick Hearn, author and children's literary historian
followed by reception

Saturday May 30 11am
Learn Pen & Ink with CBIG artist Roberta Rivera

The exhibition is underwritten by the NYC parks department.

artist panel moderated by curator/exhibitor Donna Miskend
artwork by CBIGers L: Nancy Doniger, R: Lisa Cinelli
HIGHLIGHTS: reception, artist panel, conversation with Michael Patrick Hearn, School visits and public workshops with CBIG artists Donna Miskend, curator/exhibitor and Roberta Rivera, exhibitor.

Angelique Anderson

Melissa Iwai (art Top)
(art bottom Robin Meeks)
Our guest, Michael Patrick Hearn,
children's literary historian with Donna Miskend, curator

Roberta Rivera (art top)
(art L, Donna Miskend, art R, Nancy Doniger)
Vicky Rubin art: The Nose by Nickolai Gogol
WORKSHOPS for kids and adults

Roberta Rivera pen and ink
public workshop

vegetable printing
Pen and Ink

Donna Miskend with 1st graders

Pinnochio Cards
Lucy Aponte of Poe Park Visitor Center
artwork Cheryl Taborsky, Vicky Rubin
Gallery tour to kids

Thank you to our guest, Mr. Hearn, and Poe Park Visitor Center, Lucy Aponte and staff for making this exhibit a success.